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Handmade by Haile

Uncuh Jaahms Glitter Vinyl Sticker

Uncuh Jaahms Glitter Vinyl Sticker

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Be a muse to those around you, and let them know you know your pop culture. We can’t guarantee you’ll have the same success as Miss Julia, but this sticker is sure to bring conversation!

Sticker is approximately 2”x1.5” in size. Great for your laptop/ laptop case, binder, notebook or water bottle! Sticker was designed by me and then printed by a company to provide a durable glitter sticker with a protective laminate coating to make them resistant to sunlight and weather.
Sticker Care:

- Clean surface area of where you would like to apply sticker first before peeling backing of sticker to place.

- Sticker is designed for single placement, so make sure you know where you would like to put it

- Recommended hand wash if placing on item like water bottle Colors can never be an exact match on a computer screen, will vary across different screens and monitors.

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